Aseprite v1.2.16 Nov 19, 2019

Today we are releasing a new version with important crash fixes and some new features:

  • Added custom brushes + inks: custom brush with lock alpha mode (#2133), with eraser (#1408), with shading (#1615)
  • Now links are preserved when copying cels between layers (Steam thread)
  • Save grid bounds inside .aseprite files (#688)
  • Sprite sheet changes:
    • File > Export Sprite Sheet UI redesigned
    • File > Export Sprite Sheet includes the Packed sprite sheet type (like -sheet-pack), new “Split Layers/Tags” options (like -split-layers/-split-tags)
    • Include empty frames in JSON data when -ignore-empty is not specified (#2116)
    • Removed duplicate frames/images output when -sheet packed is used (#1316)
    • -sheet-type rows/columns can output one row/column for each layer/tag (-split-layers/-split-tags).
    • Added -merge-duplicates to render just one frame in the output for linked cels as separated frames (this was added to replicate the old behavior, where linked cels where merged even for basic sprite sheets where one frame output is expected in the sprite sheet).
  • Added option to reset the symmetry lines to the center of the sprite (#2195)
  • Fixed loading/saving .png files with special user data chunks (#2153)
  • Fixed progress bar when we apply filters (#2152)
  • Fixed crash merging visible layers when all layers are hidden (bug report)
  • Fixed other bugs and crashes: #1582, #2156, #2160, #2192
  • Aseprite v1.2.16.1:
    • Fixed bug rendering Unicode fonts with antialiasing
  • Aseprite v1.2.16.2:
    • Fixed bug exporting sprite sheet image even when we cancel the dialog

How to update Aseprite?

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