Aseprite v1.2.27 Apr 19, 2021

Today we have released a new stable v1.2 version with several bug fixes. This is not the tilemap editor version, but we are going to launch Aseprite v1.3 in the next weeks!

Changes (v1.2.27):

  • Fixed Shift+Rectangular Marquee doesn’t start Square Aspect #2537
  • Fixed reference layers cannot be moved/resized t/8755
  • Fixed “Simple Crosshair” cursor when switching to Eraser tool

Changes (v1.2.26):

  • Added option to save palette presets easily (thanks to @mezz)
  • Fixed crash copying and pasting images from GameMaker 2 to Aseprite
  • Fixed problem with Error Console when the UI Screen Scaling is changed
  • Fixed painting with symmetry and dynamics #2584
  • Fixed duplicate sprite: now it duplicates slices #2564 (thanks to @sumibi-yakitori)
  • Now we can hold tool modifiers before start drawing #2537
  • Fixed some bugs pressing Ctrl+Z while we are dragging a cel with the Move tool t/8290
  • Fixed several bugs modifying non-selected cels t/8618
  • Fixed bugs modifying the timeline selection when it’s hidden
  • Fixed bug modifying hidden layers #2680
  • Clicking current cel with Move Tool will deselect the timeline t/8610
  • Fixed long standing bug where Marquee Rectangle, Lasso, etc. weren’t showing the selection feedback #1412 #1667 t/8462
  • Added option to disable the “open sequence of static files as an animation” dialog
  • Lua: Added Sprite.pixelRatio t/8627
  • Lua: Added app.fs.makeDirectory, app.fs.makeAllDirectories, useful for export-aseprite-file script
  • Lua: Added app.command.ImportSpriteSheet() t/8482

How to update Aseprite?

Discuss in the Community site.