Aseprite v1.2.30 and v1.3-beta7 Oct 26, 2021

Today we are releasing Aseprite v1.2.30 and v1.3-beta7 with several bug fixing and new scripting capabilities for future extensions (WebSocket, events, experimental debugger)

We welcome Joshua Ogunyinka to the team who is helping us with Aseprite development since August fixing several issues for this release and who is working in future PSD support. We also thanks external contributors that help us to advance in unexpected areas (e.g. WebSockets) that will bring infinite new possibilities to create future Aseprite extensions.

Aseprite v1.2.30

  • Added support to save/load .pal files with alpha channel #2878
  • Fixed restoring grid preferences on undo/redo #2872
  • Continue playing the same tag in the Preview window after switching sprites #2797
  • Some fixes when sorting colors in color bar (thanks to @behreajj)
  • Jump between start & end colors when using [ and ] keys or Alt+mouse wheel instead of stopping at the start and at the end of the palette (thanks to @behreajj)
  • Fixed several issues related to pixels w/indexes out of the valid palette range #2934 #2928 #2912 #2842
  • Fixed opening .aseprite files from macOS Finder #2985
  • Lua: Added support to disable plugin commands (thanks to @lampysprites)
  • Lua: Added WebSocket API (thanks to @lampysprites: #2980 and #3009)
  • Lua: New API to listen some events as and
  • Lua: New experimental debugger for Lua scripts

Aseprite v1.3-beta7

  • Fixed using Alt+mouse wheel to scroll through tiles #2956
  • Fixed bug using Canvas Size with “Trim content outside the canvas” with Tilemap layers #2942
  • Fixed performance issue in some cases drawing in Tilemap in Auto mode #2877
  • Fixed saving blend mode for Tilemap layers in .aseprite files #2924
  • Fixed crash clicking combobox scrollbars #2984

Remember to check the Aseprite v1.3 announcement just in case you missed it, and how to update Aseprite if you need help.

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