Aseprite 1.0.9 and other news Feb 2, 2015

New release available with bug fixes and some minor improvements:

  • Mac OS X:
    • Infinite editor scroll is now available on Mac OS X too
    • Fix mouse movement problems
  • New command line options:
    • --filename-format (issue 519): to specify special filenames used in export operations (--save-as, --sheet, --split-layers, etc.)
    • --trim: trim frames before exporting sprite sheet or texture atlas
  • Issue 587: Shift+X switches layer visibility
  • Issue 585: Add option to disable animation loop when saving GIF files
  • Fix regression bug: now you can move the color popup window again
  • Fix bug flipping a rectangular region in a displaced cel
  • Fix some reported crashes

A couple of weeks ago, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick started looking for a 2D sprite editor for Thimbleweed Park, we’re glad that they chose Aseprite to create some of their animations. ^_^

In other news, there is some progress for Aseprite v1.1, a beta version will be available in February, and we hope to release a new beta every two weeks. David Capello is working part-time this month and will start working full-time on Aseprite from March. Great news for all our current and future customers. This is thanks to you! <3