Aseprite v1.1.4 Apr 12, 2016

New Aseprite version released with several bug fixes and some new features:

  • New backend on Windows and OS X. Improved trackpad support on OS X. This is the first step to improve the UX with wacom tablets, pressure, multiple-windows, etc. (issue 139)
  • Now we can scale from center/pivot (issue 576) and flipping (issue 579)
  • You can select a tile by double clicking over it (issue 939)
  • Add View > Extras menu to hide the selection edges (issue 861)
  • Mouse wheel rotate hue value when used above color selectors (issue 1012)
  • New keyboard customization for tool modifiers (issue 1028)
  • Fixed regression using --bach and --save-as with .png and other formats (issue 1018)
  • Fixed several issues (issue 905, issue 914)
  • Fixes on v1.1.4.1

Remember to check how to update Aseprite in case you aren’t using the Steam version. image