Aseprite v1.2.31 and v1.3-beta8 Jan 12, 2022

Today we are releasing Aseprite v1.2.31 and v1.3-beta8 with several bug fixing, macOS M1 chip support, and improved Linux support (e.g. drop files inside the window & several fixes to use multiple windows).

Aseprite v1.2.31

  • Windows: Include aseprite-thumbnailer on Aseprite installer by default
  • Windows: Added new icon for main window when Windows DPI=150% #3034
  • Windows: Fixed possible crashes at exit if some events are still queued when we close the app #3055
  • macOS: New Universal binary (including Intel and M1 code in the same .app bundle) #2451
  • macOS: Fixed glitch moving mouse #3032 t/11558
  • Linux: Added support to drag-and-drop files from the File Manager to Aseprite #1410
  • Lua: Fixed error iterating layers named with numbers #3045
  • Lua: Fixed clipping when drawing a cel image into other image #3054
  • Lua: Added filenamechange event to (thanks to @lampysprites)
  • Lua: Dialog:modify() supports combobox options (thanks to @Omar-Abdul-Aziz)
  • Added automatic crash reporting on Windows & macOS if the user wants to share them
  • Fixed other bugs #2030 #2893 #3069 #3073 #3123

Aseprite v1.3-beta8

  • Fixed Shift+N to add new layers in the correct place t/10760 #2957
  • Linux: Fixed several bugs with some Window Managers #2777
  • Lua: Fixed Dialog.bounds values when a dialog is closed on multiple windows UI #3018
  • Fixed other bugs #3052 #3082

Remember to check the Aseprite v1.3 announcement just in case you missed it, and how to update Aseprite if you need help.

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