Aseprite 1.0 released! Jun 6, 2014

Hi asepriters! The new version of Aseprite v1.0 is available!! A lot of work, new features, testing, and bug fixing was done in these two years. We’ve tried donations and fundraiser campaigns, but nothing worked as we though. As maybe some of you already know, we were (are) trying to create a product from Aseprite, and as donations weren’t the solution, today we are releasing Aseprite under a really small fee ($10/USD).

Aseprite is still open source, you can download the code and compile it by yourself, and we would like to see more people doing this (after all, if you compile something, you are one step closer to hack it). Anyway we think that the benefit to obtain the executable file and updates (+ signed by its lead developer) are worthwhile, so you would like to contribute to its development ;)

Finally we hope you can enjoy the new version as much as we enjoy creating it. This is a starting point for new regular updates and features, so keep in touch! It is only the beginning.

P.S. Thanks to all early supporters and donors. Also we would love to give discount coupons to all the people that have donated recently. If this is your case, please send an email to with a simple subject (e.g. “I would like a discount coupon”) and we’ll see what we can do ;)