Aseprite v1.3.7 May 21, 2024

Hi asepriters! We are releasing a minor Aseprite v1.3.7 version with important fixes:

  • Allow backslash (\) in filenames on Linux and macOS #3936
  • Fixed nested ping-pong tags #4271
  • Fixed wrong alignment between mouse and sensor threshold position #4428
  • Fixed painting with right-click with custom brush paints with background color #4013
  • macOS: Fixed memory leak copying & pasting images (probably #4251)
  • Lua API:
    • New app.os object
    • Added recent parameter to SaveFile/ExportSpriteSheet commands to avoid adding the file to the list of recent files
    • Disable progress bar in commands that can receive ui=false #4165
    • Fixed bugs handling errors inside app.transaction() #3276 #4431
    • Fixed return values of os.execute()
    • Ask permissions for io.popen()/lines()/input()/output() functions

There is no beta version available yet, but soon we’ll try to release new features there.

How to update Aseprite

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