Aseprite v1.3.6 Apr 9, 2024

Hi asepriters! We are releasing a minor Aseprite v1.3.6 version with important crash fixes, some long-standing platform-specific bug fixes in the UI, and more translations:

  • New Afrikaans, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, and Turkish translations, thanks to the help of several contributors
  • Fixed some random crashes when resizing sprites #4315
  • Fixed bug updating the correct copy+move cursor in the timeline #3887, thanks to @cbradl406
  • Minor UI improvements in File > Export > Export As dialog #4308
  • Windows:
    • Disable Windows Ink feedback when clicking #3879
    • Fixed Aseprite icon of the main window when Windows is configured with 175% or 125% of DPI #3034
    • Fixed title bar flickering selecting menus and dialogs when multiple windows are used
  • Linux/X11:

We’re going to release a beta version in the Steam branch soon with some changes to start trying some new features.

How to update Aseprite

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