Aseprite v1.3.3 Feb 14, 2024

Hi Asepriters! Today we are releasing Aseprite v1.3.3 v1.3.4 with several bug fixes and some improvements. You can check the release notes for more details.

What’s new

New range for opacity and alpha values in percentage. Now you will see opacity values from 0% to 100%, and alpha values from 0 to 255 by default:

Percentage values for opacity and alpha

You can configure this from Edit > Preferences > Color > Alpha & Opacity:

Configure opacity and alpha ranges

Added support to follow subtags/repetitions instructions when exporting animations:

Export subtags

New button to reload palette presets:

Reload palette presets


New official translations included thanks to the help of several contributors:

New Translations

This is (and will be) a work-in-progress in Weblate:

Translation status

Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated!

How to update Aseprite

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