Aseprite v1.1 beta 3 released May 11, 2015

Aseprite v1.1-beta3 is available for all our customers! Get it from your Gumroad or account. The biggest changes are:

  • New color bar:
  • Create brushes with Edit > New Brush and selecting a box. (If there is an active selected area, the brush is created from that selection.)
  • New popup menu to change animation speed
  • Drag-and-drop tabs with Ctrl (or Alt) to duplicate them
  • Now Edit > Preferences > Screen Scaling option can be changed without a restart, and it modifies the UI elements size (to keep the old behavior a new option was added in Edit > Preferences > Experimental > UI Elements Scaling)
  • Continue playing animation when we scroll.
  • Improved the Data Recovery function in some extreme cases (e.g. a crash when the same recovery information is being saved).
  • You can identify tags in --filename-format with {tag}, {innertag}, and {outertag}.
  • Several bug fixes.