Aseprite v1.1.6 and new versioning scheme Jul 6, 2016

New Aseprite v1.1.6 is available with bug fixes and some minor improvements! (How to update Aseprite?)

  • Right-click can move layers/frames/cels in the timeline
  • Added right-click with Ctrl+click on OS X in some controls (timeline, tabs, text entries) (issue 438)
  • Fixed bug ignoring Space bar on Sprite Editor when it’s used immediately after clicking in the Timeline (issue 877)
  • Ask for saving each file on exit
  • Right-click subtracts a selection area when we use it inside the sprite editor selection (issue 1164)
  • Added option to include partial tiles in Import Sprite Sheet (issue 1161)
  • Configuration is saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Aseprite on OS X now (issue 1165)
  • Added forward compatibility for .ase files with groups
  • Added support to load Pixly (.anim) files (thanks to @zed9h)
  • Expand filename wildcards in command line on Windows (issue 1049)
  • Fixed issues with some convolution matrices after inserting text (issue)
  • Fixed OS X keyboard modifiers when we switch apps using ⌘Tab (⌘ isn’t kept pressed)
  • Fixed other bugs (issue 1153, issue 1166, issue 1167, this issue)

New versioning scheme

From today we start a new versioning system to avoid critical software regressions. We prefer to keep the official version as stable as possible, and try new features only in beta branches.

So from now on, new features will appear in beta versions only like v1.2-beta1, v1.2-beta2, etc.). In a certain moment (from 3 to 6 months), we’ll freeze the v1.2, and we’ll take a couple of weeks for intensive testing and bug fixing. After that it’ll be made official and all new features will start appearing on v1.3-beta1, and the cycle continues.

Beta versions will be available through the beta branch on Steam. In this way, you can opt-in for new feature or opt-out and stay in the stable side: