Aseprite v1.1.7 and v1.2-beta1 Jul 28, 2016

Hi there asepriters! Today we are releasing some bug fixes for v1.1 and the first beta for v1.2 on the Steam beta branch. (How to update Aseprite?)

Aseprite v1.1.7 includes the following changes:

  • New option to hide full path in UI (issue 1199)
  • Fixed theme configuration UI to show user/official folders and themes correctly
  • Fixed crash resizing to big sizes (show not enough memory if we cannot resize the sprite)
  • Fixed some issue in Import Sprite Sheet dialog (issue 1207)
  • Fixed crash copying 8bpp images on Windows (thanks to @zed9h)

Aseprite v1.2-beta1 includes the same fixes + new features:

  • Add new pixel aspect ratio option so we can draw sprites with double-wide pixels (issue 567)
  • CLI improvements:
    • --frame-tag and --frame-range now can be used with --save-as (issue 897)
    • --save-as now interprets {layer} in the given filename to automatic iterate through layers (issue 1149), so we can use --save-as output-{layer}.gif to save each layer in a different file.
    • New --split-tags to save each tag as .gif file, anyway you can use --save-as output-{tag}.gif as a shortcut.

The layer groups feature isn’t yet available. It needs more work and we don’t want to delay these new features anymore.


Switch to beta branch

Remember that beta versions will be available through Steam beta branch: