Aseprite v1.1.8 and v1.2-beta2 Sep 20, 2016

Hi asepriters! Today we are releasing v1.1.8 and v1.2-beta2 with new features. (How to update Aseprite?)

On Aseprite v1.2-beta2 (Steam beta branch) you can finally find the new Groups feature:

Aseprite v1.1.8 includes:

  • New option to put the Timeline at the left/right sides (issue 1169)
  • New buttons in context bar to change zoom/scroll and fit sprite on screen
  • Make Foreground/Background color selector dialogs resizable (issue 1250) and save its position/pinned status between sessions (issue 1249)
  • F key is the new keyboard shortcut to switch between the normal mode and fullscreen mode.
  • Added two new palettes EDG16 and EDG32 by ENDESGA Studios
  • Added support to load/save palette from a list of hexadecimal values (.hex format)
  • Windows and OS X: New mouse cursor options
  • Windows and OS X: Use custom native cursor to improve mouse cursor movement (issue 1236)
  • Windows: Fixed issues copying-and-pasting 16bpp and 24bpp image in specific cases (e.g. from/to Photoshop) (issue 1229)
  • OS X: Popup animation options menu with Ctrl+click on “Play” buttons
  • OS X: Fixed right-click on Wacom tablets using the pen buttons (this problem might be related to a specific Wacom driver version)
  • OS X: Fixed mouse wheel issues with USB mouse devices.
  • OS X: General performance improvement
  • Fixed invalid selection after removing frames (issue 1235)
  • Fixed exporting JSON data of frame tags when empty frames are ignored (issue 1244)
  • Fixed cryptic error message using File > Repeat Sprite Sheet in some special cases (issue 1247)
  • Fixed problem merging selected area when we use the “Hand” tool (issue 1241)
  • Fixed other issues (issue 1195, issue 1239, issue 1248, issue 1251, issue 1259)
  • Aseprite v1.1.9
    • Fixed graphical glitches while painting (issue 1262)
    • Fixed assigning keys to some menu items when we search for it in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog (issue 1260)

Finally, in case that you’re distributing compiled versions of Aseprite, you should check the new source code license.