Aseprite v1.2.19 May 28, 2020

Hello there asepriters! A minor release today with some critical bug fixes and some tweaks:

  • Changes to Dynamics/Pressure settings:
    • Now Brush Size is the maximum point of pressure (request)
    • Paint with Foreground Color when sensor is at its maximum value, and with Background Color when it’s at its minimum (t/5779)
  • Improve performance drawing selection boundaries
  • New hept32 palette by ENDESGA
  • Fixed some issues with some Wacom tablets on Windows
  • Fixed some critical problems in the new compressed TGA encoder
  • Fixed shading ink for RGBA and grayscale modes in some special cases
  • Fixed some crashes using shading ink and switching between sprites with different palettes
  • Fixed saving layer user data in backup sessions in case of crash #2373
  • Fixed rendering of RTL text in text entries, still requires better text editing capabilities #2355
  • Fixed Alt+click on timeline icons for selected layers #2222
  • Added missing Dialog onchange and onrelease events and expanded Dialog:modify{} function #2359 (thanks to @grauw)
  • Other fixes api#29 #2388

How to update Aseprite?

Discuss in the Community site.