Aseprite v1.2.20 Jun 11, 2020

Hello asepriters! we have a new little version with several bug fixes here and there:

  • Fixed preview brush size when dynamics is enabled #2419 t/5919
  • Now we can take & share screenshots with F12 when Steam is running
  • New “Swap Checkerboard Background Colors” command #1812, thanks to @MorganDavid
  • Added Minecraft color palette, thanks to @m13253
  • Fixed crash related to handling multiple documents, the timeline, and undo/redo #2397
  • Fixed memory leak drawing text with Unicode chars
  • Fixed --list-layers including all groups/layers in meta data when --split-layers is used #2380 #2432
  • Fixed some situations where locking a layer doesn’t lock the layer #2181
  • Fixed slow performance with Magic Wand and Intersection mode #2393

How to update Aseprite?

Discuss in the Community site.