Aseprite v1.2.9 Jul 25, 2018

New Aseprite v1.2.9 was just released! In these months we have been releasing some beta versions and now this release includes all the changes from betas + some extra features.

Also some other important news: Now we are a team @dacap + @Gasparoken! Several bug fixes in this released are thanks to @Gasparoken. He will be working part-time fixing bugs on Aseprite and maybe in a future adding new features too.

Here a list of the most important changes since v1.2.8:

  • Default mouse wheel behavior changes:
    • Ctrl+mouse wheel => changes brush size
    • Ctrl+Shift+mouse wheel => changes current animation frame
    • Updated the Quick Reference with these changes
  • Add mouse wheel customization for sprite editor (#970, #680, t/668)
  • Add possibility to write math expression in number textboxes (#1762)
  • Shift+Enter plays/stops the animation in the Preview window (#1774)
  • Timeline changes:
    • New UI to move frames inside or outside tags (#1656)
    • New way to select timeline frames/layers + color bar entries Shift+click (#1741)
    • Now the Timeline keeps the selected layers/frames/cels after undo/redo.
    • Alt+click to hide all layers (t/151)
  • New way to render the canvas when zoom < 100% (#1671)
  • Show duration of selected frames (#1528)
  • Added F key to fill the selection and S key to create a stroke. (Old “Advanced Mode” keyboard is Ctrl+F now.)
  • Show selection edges again when it’s hidden and we use Ctrl+A or Cmd+A (#1614)
  • Updated ARNE32 palette (#1635 thanks to @SagePtr)
  • Create intermediate directories when --save-as is used in the CLI (#1492)
  • Windows Surface/tablet-like devices: Draw with one finger, pan/scroll with two fingers (t/677)
  • Linux/X11: Added clipboard support. Now we can copy/paste text and images to/from other software like GIMP, Krita, etc. (#1100)
  • Fixed issue using moving layer content and the active selection with Move tool
  • Fixed several problems/crashes on macOS because a (possible) bug on the compiler or libc++ library
  • Fixed clickable pivot position on selection (#1608, t/1228)
  • Fixed several bugs t/1037, #1346 (thanks to @Vcoder89), t/1411, t/1649, #1466, #1711 (thanks to @DexterIV), #1727, #1749, #1756, #1719, #1726, #1737.

How to update Aseprite?

Discuss in the Community site.